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Metro Youth Basketball


For players selected for one of our 2023-24 winter teams (see below). Payment of registration fees required to complete and submit.

Southridge Youth Tryout Results

Thanks to all of the future Skyhawks who came and worked hard for two days, trying out for our teams. Rosters are listed below (refer to your tryout number for identification):

5th grade GOLD: 586, 587, 589, 593, 594, 595, 599, 641, 642, 646
6th grade GOLD: 502, 504, 506, 507, 541, 588, 590, 591, 597, 600
7th grade GOLD: 605, 611, 616, 621, 622, 629, 638, 644, 645
7th grade CARDINAL: 604, 624, 625, 628, 632, 634, 636, 637, 639, 640
8th grade GOLD: 602, 603, 608, 609, 610, 615, 617, 619, 626, 630, 633

What's next?

1. Go to the registration link above to confirm your roster spot. We need player sizing information ASAP so uniform orders can be placed. 

2. Teams will have their first practices this week (all at Southridge High School): 

  • 5th grade: Wednesday, 10/25; 6:00-7:30 PM
  • 6th grade: Thursday, 10/26; 6:30-8:00 PM *TIME CHANGED*
  • 7th grade (both teams): Thursday, 10/26; 7:00-8:30 PM *TIME CHANGED*
  • 8th grade: Friday, 10/27; 5:00-6:30 PM

3. Download the SportsEngine app so you will have access to all schedule information and updates as they become available.

4. Get ready for a great winter basketball season!

Jeff Albright

President of Southridge Youth Basketball

Southridge Skyhawk Classic 2024

2024 Skyhawk Classic

State Qualifying Tournament

Boys Youth Basketball Tournament
4-8th Grade.............. A & B divisions 
February 3-4th 2024

Early Bird Fee $225 per team from now until 12/31/23
Standard Fee $245 per team from 1/1/23 until 1/28/23
Call/text 971.226.9005 (Ne'Juan) for info


Online registration only this year

Prizes for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade winners in both A & B divisions.

You will see some of the Top Youth School Programs in the State competing for the right to be called champions. 




1. RESPECT for coaches, teammates, and faculty

*Be on time-practice and classes *Praise/encourage teammates *Listen with eye contact and ears *Please & thank you's *Be coachable by accepting and responding to coaches or teammates words

2. Be COURAGEOUS in your pursuit of excellence

*Courage to try and fail*Courage to always give your best effort *Discipline to do your job*Courage to buy-in and accept your role *Courage to lose together as a team

3. COMMITMENT to player development

*Take advantage of opportunities to get better *Realistic player self-evaluation*Goal setting*Coaches evaluations *Coaches will have the gym open for players more than any other Metro school

4. BUILD young man for life

*Develop personal values*Accountability- hold players accountable "what you accept, you should expect" *Develop character & integrity*Academic success- be your best in the classroom*Learn how to prioritize

5. ENJOY the journey

*Passion for what you do*Enthusiasm & positive attitude everyday *Love your teammates

Youth Basketball Goals

Shooting Shooting efficiency (taking out all wasted motion in the shot leading to a quicker release and more consistency)

Foot Work Catch and shoot (release the ball faster and with more consistency by understanding proper techniques to the catch and shoot) Catch and square (teach players how to catch and square up helping them establish correct pivot foot and load their legs for their shot and an explosive 1st step)

Finishing Ability to be deceptive by changing speeds and using correct body positioning while taking contact Practice several different finishes that will make them more effective when attacking the basket

Ball handling Techniques that will make you harder to guard and give you advantages against quicker and stronger players. Advanced Ball-Handling Drills with contact that transfers to immediate game success


Southridge youth basketball is designed to: provide opportunities for fundamental improvement, provide an atmosphere where players learn how to be successful, provide a competitive environment that allows players to grow, and to build relationships between the high school program and our younger players. Our program does not focus solely on basketball.  Players must be passing all of their classes to play.  Coaches will check report cards/progress reports on a regular basis and emphasize the importance of academics.

Youth Basketball Goals

#1. Player Development- Coaches must give the players the tools to improve and grow as players.   Fundamentals are acquired through repetition.  Daily fundamental work is essential and the only way for players to improve.

 #2. Teach players what it means to be successful- players need to learn the attributes that can make them successful.  Coaches need to use basketball as a vehicle to teach players how to: give their best effort, be disciplined, have great work ethic, be coachable, Be accountable, be a good teammate, choose the right attitude, and deal with adversity (failing forward).

 #3. Build a winning tradition- winning is a byproduct of achieving goals #1 & #2.  The focus is on developing players and teaching them how to give their best effort (in everything they do).   



Need a place to play

Looking to play competitive basketball but didn't make a time.
The Beaverton Hoop has try-outs December 2nd & 4th

Looking for a place to start playing ?  THPRD is a great place to start.


Skill Workouts

Stuck at home with little to do? check out our skill workouts you can do during the quarantine.  These are get drills to refine your skill set while you are at home.  If you are looking for some 1 on 1 training over video conferencing, you can email for a free consultation. 

Basketball Decathlon

Become an Official

1. Make new friends
Refereeing is a great way of meeting new people interested in Basketball. You will meet great people that will last for years.

 2. Keeping fit and active
Refereeing is a great way to keep fit and active. It doesn't matter how fit you are now, we have some of the best trainers who bring the best out of our members.

3. Build your confidence
 Refereeing will provide the confidence you will use in life.

4. Learn more about the game
Have you sat at home watching basketball and wonder why decisions are made? As a referee, you will learn the rules and get a better understanding of what officials are looking for.

5. Doing something for the community
As a referee, you are helping the future of Basketball, and the future of our kids.

6. Be a part of the game
You don't need to have kids or play to be a part of the game. Refereeing puts you in the middle of the Action and makes you the most important person on the Court.

7. Anyone can be a referee
It doesn't matter how fit you are, how old you are or whether you're male or female, refereeing is open to anyone over 16 who has a good attitude and patient demeanor.

8. Earn a little extra money
every game you referee will be paid and payments are made Weekly.   referees in youth basketball can make up to $50,000 per year.

If you are interested please contact Ne'Juan Thompson 971-226-9005


Jr Metro players to Metro League Champions!!

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Practice Locations


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School Power Rankings 2021-22