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Metro Youth Basketball

Skyhawk Coaches & Non-Negotiable's

By Nejuan Thompson, 10/19/18, 11:30AM PDT


Skyhawk Standards


1. RESPECT for coaches, teammates, and faculty *Be on time-practice and classes *Praise/encourage teammates *Listen with eye contact and ears *Please & thank you's *Be coachable by accepting and responding to coaches or teammates words

2. Be COURAGEOUS in your pursuit of excellence *Courage to try and fail *Courage to always give your best effort *Discipline to do your job *Courage to buy-in and accept your role *Courage to lose together as a team

3. COMMIT to player development *Take advantage opportunities to get better *Realistic player self-evaluation *Goal setting *Coaches evaluations *Coaches will have the gym open for players more than any other Metro school

4. BUILD young man for life *Develop personal values *Accountability- hold players accountable "what you accept, you should expect" *Character and integrity *Academic success *Learn how to prioritize

5. ENJOY the journey *Passion for what you do *Enthusiasm and positive attitude everyday *Love your teammates


5th grade  Coach Phil Vesel (current Varsity head coach)

6th grade Coach Brian Pete (played at Gonzaga & former Hawk player)  & Grant Giraldi(former Hawk player)

7th grade Coach Mustapha Hoff (played at Oregon State & girl's varsity asst)

8th grade Coach Steve Naylor (current varsity coach Tigard HS)