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Metro Youth Basketball

Parent Guidelines:

By Nejuan Thompson, 10/19/18, 11:30AM PDT




Our goal as parents and players is to represent the Southridge youth basketball program in a first class manner at all times.  We emphasize character, teamwork, discipline, respect and sportsmanship throughout the entire program.

Our parents play an instrumental part in our Southridge youth program.  It is our hope that parents will support all players and coaches.  We hope all parents will have a positive impact on our program with their support.

Parent Guidelines:

·       Arrive at practice and pick up after practice based on your teams practice time.  We expect players to arrive no more than 5 minutes before practice and no less than 5 minutes after practice concludes.

·       Communicate by e-mail/text/ through app to your coach if your son is going to miss a practice or contest.

·       During games please support all players with positive encouragement and be respectful of all game officials.  This includes scorekeeper, officials and coaches.

·       Playing time is based on several different criteria and will not be equal.  An effort will be made for all players to participate in each contest. 

Questions and Concerns: 

Please e-mail and ask for a meeting with your coach after or before practice.  Do not take up the issue after a game or practice.  If you have an issue after a game.  Please address it the next day to allow a cool down period. If issue is not resolved then contact Ne’Juan Thompson. 

Additional Guidelines:


·       Players are required to wear their game uniforms and shooting shirt.  They are allowed to wear the same color t-shirt under there uniform top

·       All uniforms/shooting shirts are supplied by Southridge. 


·       If you want to play any additional tournaments at the parent’s expense then notification and approval will take place through Southridge Basketball.

·       Only one out of town tournament that requires an over-night stay is allowed per season at the parent’s expense. 

·       The last possible season ending tournament date is March 10, 2019.

Technical Fouls:

1st Technical Foul- Player will be removed from game.  Player will sit out 8 minutes total of current/future game.

·       2nd Technical Foul in Same Game- Player will be removed from game.  Player will not play in anymore in current game.  Player will miss the first half of next game.


Thank You,

Southridge Basketball